Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kitchen & Cooking

I was surprised this morning when our postman handed me a quite heavy brown envelope... Pera kaya laman nito?!?! ASA!!!! hehehe.. hindi naman ganun kabigat ang pera noh. And it's from Standard Appliances. I opened and walllaaahhhh!!! An illustrated and full color cookbook exclusively by Standard!!!!! Ang ganda in fairness and I think this is 500 peso worth. Apart from the mouth watering recipes meron pang mga tips for cooking, preparing food at about their products on how to prolong and maximize their uses. Lakas Standard, Tibay Standard! Salamuch!!!!

and before lunch naman my expected kitchen gadget has arrived....

The 9-Minute Marinator !!!!!

Ganito kasi yan, last Monday while I was scanning for channels nadaanan ko na naman ang wait there's more channel and once again stumble on this 9-minute marinator. I've seen this product na dati pero I was skeptical kasi 9 minute? marinate? oh common... What made me decide to buy? Blame it on Google! hehehe.... Googling for a decent review I saw a local rev kaya ayan napabili tuloy ako :) To think na way back 2 years pa yun nireview. And ito na nga Iam owning one tested it and ang galing nga noh.. Ambilis and the taste is super! Lalong mapapasarap ang kain nito. :D

Friday, February 06, 2009