Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy New Year! , Manigong Bagong Taon! , Kung Hei Fat Choi!

---New Year---
New year... Panibagong pagpasok ng taon... Kung Hei Fat Choi!

---Fone Bra---
Me: Ineng, kuhanin mo nga sa taas yung ano... yung pang sponge sa pulbo para sa mukha parang alpombra....
Ineng: Inayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ano gang fone bra??? (bursting into laughter) and Iam so serious and Itay was also laughing...
Itay: Inay naman... Ineng is only 6, first time niya makarinig ng "fone bra"

We got the netbook AspireOne for Christmas. It comes with an external cd drive, optical mouse which is super cool but to our dismay we cannot register it online. *sigh*

I got the chance to own this killer Skullcandy Limited Metallica Lowrider Headphone Edition. Talagang nung nakita ko sa Parksquare eh mahal ko na agad. :)

Finally!!! The last set is set to set on stage 03-07-09. I want to watch or do I want to watch? The tickets are quite pricey... so I might not. I got my ears infected with my high pitch scream when they were on stage last August so I guess that's it... Pero malay mo, makautang sa bumbay. :D Gusto ko kasi sana isama si Ineng since I read na pwede basta 4 ft above and kasama naman kami. And one more thing bawal ang preggy kaya for sure wag muna. :) Still having second thoughts pa naman. hehe

---Spaghetti with Caldereta Sauce---
I made this recipe last week and super uber delicious. Imagine, a 400 gram spaghetti was only consumed by 2 adults and 1 6yr.old for a whole day!