Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PLDT Pisses Me

A couple of weeks ago, PLDT bill was given only to find out that I would my DSL and post paid connection would be disconnected because I owe them with their own error and stupidty blaming SMART Money Services.

It makes me depressed since I made a failed transaction with Globe G Cash for my crappy presence of mind, and a full of hassle in Multiply after failing me to send my order ON TIME and insisting that I should be the one who understand. Geessh.

While still in deep sleep, the telephone scandalously rings which made my grandmother answer it then putting it in my earlobes while I was in bed telling me "si Ofelia daw"

With my sleepy voice I was thankful that the lady on the other line was apologetic because I'm still sleeping at 10am since its Saturday.

"Ma'am Ofelia, regarding po kasi ito sa bill ninyo na kelangan i adjust"
"Bakit ako ang pinag aadjust ninyo eh kayo ang nagkamali. Tumawag na ko sa Smart Money and we figured out na kayo ang nag double post, kayo ang nagkamali, kayo ang mag adjust niyan."

It left her speechless for a second and thanking me just to end our conversation.

Ako na nga ang dehado ako pa ang aabalahin. hay naku talaga. And until now they haven't called if they would give me a six month free account for the hassle they made. ASA! Being a loyal PLDT subscriber nga eh all I got is a directory. Hay naku talaga.