Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Addicted to Weeds

For two sleepless nights my daughter realized that I'm addicted to something which I was not that aware because all I thought that the reason I am sickening sleepless was the misplaced Ipod.

While seekingly searchingly lookingly trying to figure out where I placed it, for the Ipod, I would watch Weeds in between I got tired looking for it.

Ineng would wake up with the T.V on and would tell pointlessly, "Weeds pala palabas"

For the second night, I can't go sleep again and marathoned for the Season 3. Ineng woke up again with T.V on and aimingly telling me,

"Inay, Weeds na naman. Favorite nyo na yan. Paulit ulit na."

Oo nga ano! Adik na ko. :D

Watching this T.V series made me realize and learn more about family values, dealing with family problems at its hardest times especially when no one to turn on to but to a bunch of strangers you rarely knew and coping with glitch after glitch and moving on.