Monday, September 22, 2008

Handy Fascination

Palibhasa mana kay Itay mahilig sa last minute rush pag dating sa school works, niyaya ako ni Ineng na bumili ng mga charts containing reptiles, amphibians, birds, mammals and fishes. And while I was looking around in the pit box containing the sale goodies, here's what I fished in.

A 12 piece Faber Castell Pencils for 175 petots. I was fascinated kahit hindi ko alam kung mura or mahal pero I like this the first time I saw them aligned in this tin can.

And I was shocked when I saw this.

Hand Shredder!! hindi pa nalagyan ng y sa huli para naging handy shredder na lang... but a hand shredder...oh my golay!!! buti na lang Ineng was really fascinated shredding papers, she doesn'task why it's named hand shredder which was frighteningly can shred your hand. hehe.