Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tag Parade

This was a tag from rachel. post the list, invite 5 bloggers, and add your blog to the list. It’s really like the pyramid concept except that you don’t have to pay anything.

Abie - Journey to Life • Abie- MyPlanetPurple • BelaKaptyurb by Howell • VannieVannie2
AggieApolsAppleThea • JacquiJaneJodyJoyKellyMichPeachyVienNick
MeeyaMeeya’s Memes • Meeya’s Parties • Munchkin Mommy • Mapped Memories • Cafe Munchkin • Heart of Rachel • Evi’s Butterfly Journal• Life is fun by RachelMamaJoy

hindi ko ita tag si Itay dahil ako rin naman ang gagawa :D

I'm tagging Catsy, Kisses, Mama Tikey, Sasha and Scarlet :)