Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Unexpecting the unexpected

Been browsing through the world wide wide wide web eversince my college classmate taught me how to intervene with this powerful unseen force that is travelling thru a bunch of wires and now it can travel into thin air.

I can't believe until now that I am reading a private message from a very big personality in showbiz industry (naman?!?!)

Yeah, as in oh yeah... Until now talaga I can't believe and I am still walking in sunshine kahit madaling araw na ngayon.

I won't reveal here, kaya nga siguro private message para di mainggit ang iba. (at talagang feeling ko important ako).... :D

And as I send a text message to itay about this, the bubble suddenly pops into thin air... Masaya na ko wag na ko kokontrahin na P.A niya lang yun or someone. Inunahan ko na sa text. I pricked the bubble first na. hehehe.

Pero, but, subalit, datapwa't.... Happy pa rin ako.