Thursday, March 06, 2008


I was busy reading a pocket guide to point and shoot photography while my daughter is also busy with her early graduation gifts from a godmother which includes popsicle sticks, paper dolls, origami books and little golden books with the immortal stories of cinderella, snow white and beauty and the beast. Oh my! She forgot to take Finding Nemo! Well... ok, we can go back tomorrow (fingers crossed) and buy. I hope she won't get reminded tomorrow. hehe

She innocently asks, "Inay, how many babies can you make?"

I was in shock and relaxingly, "Depende anak ko sa budget natin, bakit ga?"(because I gave birth thru Cesar, we can have one more or two...) who's Cesar??... ok... ceasarean... hehehe...

"Gawa po ng 100 pieces pala i'reng popsicle sticks... Akin ang isa, sana may 99 pa akong kapatid para tig iisa kaming lahat."

I wanted to laugh hard but I remained composed and hugged her as I praise, "kabait naman ni ineng, marunong ng mag share sa mga magiging kapatid niya"

If I laughed at her innocence, she would think it is a funny joke. :)