Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Talk to my Lawyer

I easily get irate these days...

This Monday, an early phone call from Neri of PLDT bugging me that my unpaid bills were due tomorrow. What the hell?!?

Neri: Ma'am Ofelia, remind ko lang po sa kanila yung bill natin due date po bukas.
Ofelia: Ikaw ha!!!! Bago ka tumawag sa kliyente, i check mo muna status ng bill!
Neri: Ay sorry po ma'am kasi po down po ang system namin.
Ofelia: Eh di intayin nyo munang i UP ng kung sino man diyan!
Neri: Pasensha na po ma'am.. Paki ignore na lang po ng tawag na ito kung bayad na kayo.
Ofelia: ABALA!!!! sabay click.

Good thing I am using a wireless extension phone on our landline or else her eardrums might have blown off. Talk about good customer service. Hah! This ain't good. How can you ignore a phone call when the conversation has started!

Another countless call from a credit card company threatening me that our conversation was recorded "Live"?!?! Can you record a phone conversation that isn't live enough??? Puhlleeassee... Give me a break. You can't stop me from shouting at you. I like shouting and nagging on the phone because I can't see your worried ugly face or maybe you are making annoying faces whatsoever. I like it because I can't see you.

I don't like the way they do it just because the client they like to bug is busy, they annoy the spouse. And as far as I'm concerned, I'm paying up to date that's why it's really disturbing for me.

And my lawyer? Here he is. Talk to him. He is aturnhe (attorney if formal). Call him that way and you're both ready for a good conversation.