Thursday, February 14, 2008

Crying Spells

Talking to my landlady for this water bill issue almost made me cry. She won't accept my explanations and firmly believes that she's right... Oh well, being a loser I am I won't go for any arguments. The fact that I don't like exchanging ideas that an elder won't dig in, it always ends up I am a crying baby. Good thing, I have my sunglasses on I don't think she can see tears that Iam trying to stop to flow down.

Another crying spell that makes me really feel bad... My daughter told me that I'm not teaching her just like her other classmates' mother do... I felt really bad that I just insinuated that she won't listen to me. I was so depressed that I almost choke myself not to cry because we are in a public place and I just saw a friend so I instantly trying to change my mood because that friend saw us and coming near us to say hi. Oh, Lorelia... someday I hope you will understand the way I am teaching you, I don't want any force of disciplinary action like cursing, spanking, pinching, pulling hair or force you in a way that would make you feel make you more bored.

Oh my... this is hard for me... and disguisingly, I felt somewhat relieved because somehow a part of bonding moment...