Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kakaba kaba

Whenever Ineng would face me with her serious oh-oh face, ayan na... thousands of sceneries would quickly flash into my mind together with the dribbling of my heart...

A couple of weeks ago, she told me "Inay, sabi sa akin ni Teacher kakausapin daw ako ni Miss Director... Siguro po Inay gawa ng hindi pa ako bayad ng tuition ko."
Inay: "O sige Ineng pagkasahod ng Itay mo, uunahin kong bayaran yan."
And then, just this last week, her Itay fetched her from school and Itay shouted at the gate, "Inay!!!! Ineng was sent to the office!!!"

Ayan na nga po kinabahan na ako ng kabog kabog. Ano kaya ang nagawa ng anak ko at naliligaw na sa principal's office. Tiningnan kong maigi ang buhok, mukha namang hindi nakipagsabunutan, hindi naman gusot ang uniform para makipagrambulan...

And when she came near... I asked her panicking..."Bakit?!? Anong nangyari???"

"May pina recite po sa akin ang School director (naku, baka yun yung famous line ni Bart Simpson na "I won't ____" na hundred times sinusulat sa black board at kay Ineng siguro sa sobrang taklesa eh pina recite na lang)

at sabi niya... "BRAVO!! BRAVO!! Ano po yung bravo?"

Haaaayyyyyyy... What a relief.... Kala ko magmamana kay Itay. Lagi kasing kinukwento sa akin ni Mama (mama ni Itay) na sobrang kulit para na rin daw silang napasok sa school dahil laging pinatatawag ang magulang sa Guidance Office.

That's why I'm so worried when Ineng told me that she was sent to the Principal's Office...

Naku Ineng... :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coffee toffee

While on our way to the grocery department, we stopped by a convenience store. This bottle catches my attention. And as a sucker for Starbucks I inquired the price... And not bad for that brand, I bought it and waited for 3 hours just to take a picture of it unopened. hehe... I was fancied by its bottle. Kinda nice though it's got a metal bottle cover... And after nth picture picture trials and delete what I didn't know is my daughter's waiting at my back because she wants to break the seal first. :D

A Very Disturbing Advisory

I received 3 forwarded texts from different numbers telling that everyone should be cautious and extra careful with our children if you are in public places. A certain group was grabbing healthy looking kids and kill them and get their internal organs.

My mother-in-law told me that she heard that 20,000 pesos was in tucked in the victim's body. Maybe for burial expenses...oh my...

.....if this is really true they are all devils. Sana ipina abort na lang sila ng mga magulang nila noon pa!

Let us all take care.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

UK Madness

I went to our suki tailoring shop to have ineng's jacket for a repair. Too late for a thought I forgot to take a picture before I bring it there for a before-after shot...

As I was walking it came into me to hunt in for some UK shirts... O sige na nga, ukay ukay. :D Armed with a bottle of C2 I go for a quest.

Mission Status: I failed to lurk all the ukay corner I know within the city. I only got three hours to flip those thousands of hangers. But I got a good find...

Thursday, February 14, 2008


The New Logo

The first time

They're super yummyyyyyyy.... Deliciously bonggacious to enjoy this. This is my luxury.... :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I can't wait for the V-day to sink my teeth into this simply irresistable super sarap chocolate. I tried first my all time favorite white chocolate.... yummy... Lorelia liked the two chocolates on the upper corner. They're all my favorite. My first box of chocolates. I always have it in a bar, singles, pounders and miniatures.

Crying Spells

Talking to my landlady for this water bill issue almost made me cry. She won't accept my explanations and firmly believes that she's right... Oh well, being a loser I am I won't go for any arguments. The fact that I don't like exchanging ideas that an elder won't dig in, it always ends up I am a crying baby. Good thing, I have my sunglasses on I don't think she can see tears that Iam trying to stop to flow down.

Another crying spell that makes me really feel bad... My daughter told me that I'm not teaching her just like her other classmates' mother do... I felt really bad that I just insinuated that she won't listen to me. I was so depressed that I almost choke myself not to cry because we are in a public place and I just saw a friend so I instantly trying to change my mood because that friend saw us and coming near us to say hi. Oh, Lorelia... someday I hope you will understand the way I am teaching you, I don't want any force of disciplinary action like cursing, spanking, pinching, pulling hair or force you in a way that would make you feel make you more bored.

Oh my... this is hard for me... and disguisingly, I felt somewhat relieved because somehow a part of bonding moment...

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Choco Loco

As of this typing moment..... finishing the last 2 cups..hehe

My Menu Yesterday

Breaded Fried Bangus
My Comfort Food for the Day

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Talk to my Lawyer

I easily get irate these days...

This Monday, an early phone call from Neri of PLDT bugging me that my unpaid bills were due tomorrow. What the hell?!?

Neri: Ma'am Ofelia, remind ko lang po sa kanila yung bill natin due date po bukas.
Ofelia: Ikaw ha!!!! Bago ka tumawag sa kliyente, i check mo muna status ng bill!
Neri: Ay sorry po ma'am kasi po down po ang system namin.
Ofelia: Eh di intayin nyo munang i UP ng kung sino man diyan!
Neri: Pasensha na po ma'am.. Paki ignore na lang po ng tawag na ito kung bayad na kayo.
Ofelia: ABALA!!!! sabay click.

Good thing I am using a wireless extension phone on our landline or else her eardrums might have blown off. Talk about good customer service. Hah! This ain't good. How can you ignore a phone call when the conversation has started!

Another countless call from a credit card company threatening me that our conversation was recorded "Live"?!?! Can you record a phone conversation that isn't live enough??? Puhlleeassee... Give me a break. You can't stop me from shouting at you. I like shouting and nagging on the phone because I can't see your worried ugly face or maybe you are making annoying faces whatsoever. I like it because I can't see you.

I don't like the way they do it just because the client they like to bug is busy, they annoy the spouse. And as far as I'm concerned, I'm paying up to date that's why it's really disturbing for me.

And my lawyer? Here he is. Talk to him. He is aturnhe (attorney if formal). Call him that way and you're both ready for a good conversation.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Eight Years

latest pic (the closest picture I got is a very alarming scandal, that's why this shot is our decent closest... hehehe)
quite latest pic (3 years ago?)

younger years.....

Today marks our 8 year anniversary...

“Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence”