Thursday, January 03, 2008

What the!

My daughter is trying to figure out the Rubik's cube pero as usual, a short tempered girl bawling out that the stickers should be removable/replaceable because only two square of whites are left out to complete the other side. hehe


As I was sorting out my bills/old receipts/sales invoices, a phone call blew my carefully piled of water bill to answer it quickly hoping that the caller would congratulate me that I won a raffle blah blah from the cinema promotions which I got into. But to my dismay, a certain Jenny from PLDT told me that I haven't paid my dues last Dec. 5, 2007. I shouted at her telling "Aba!!! Bayad na ako!" I wanted to curse her but I've kept my composure since that was my first phone call for 2008. #@#$%%^!!!!@!***!@#!!!!!!!!! The fact that PLDT are claiming that they have the best technology, superlative machines... is they got a dumbass Jennys and many more Jenny, not checking first the database or at least update before bugging their clients. Sabi nga ni Itay... Asa!!!

tsk tsk. Too bad, you're named Jenny. Sorry.