Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Supposedly should be...

This post was supposedly should be for my friend's wedding and my supposedly wedding gift for them which I had in mind which I should be giving them. I am in my utmost apologetic mode until now for I was not able to come and witness the much awaited wedding which took a couple of years to make it happen. I know M (really, that's her name! or to make it long "Em" hehe) mine would be a lame reason and for J too. I know that I'm very much expected there (ha! as if... hehe) for I am your mamasan what I mean is your prolific matchmaker (naks)... My hubby even suggested to make a wedding invitation website but due to my frail royalty like hands which is too busy very busy super busy it ends in here. So for you J and M, in behalf of my family wishing you all the best...many kids, many money and many love :) mwah!!!!

A friend read my updated blog and she goes like... " What the?!?! MamaJoy (eversince college I am a MamaJoy always mistaken as Mamasan.. hehehe) you're making my nose bleed!?!? Is Inday you're idol na?!? Supposedly not ha! But I proudly replied " Yes!!! Iam living the dream! Inday is my Idol!!! "

Another should be cherished posting moment...Why?! Because of his OPINION
it dragged attention and too much reactions. Talk about cyber bullying, finesse, good breeding, trolls and lurkers.. hehe you can tell by their reactions which is which and I enjoyed reading it next to pantasya.com :D All they have to do is wake up and realize that it's just a damn opinion from his nutty mind who doesn't want reading manuals and they are just wasting their precious supposedly productive time.

I got a nice tip from Nick Tv how to be a gross villain... You gotta have a POSH ENGLISH ACCENT. Just like what Datu's Tribe said... "American Accent Training lang yan my friend" They got the same tip which I should take seriously since they're two against me :D and the song "Lakambini Bottom".... I think it's made for me hehehe (dream on!) Barnacles! hihihi