Monday, January 07, 2008

Soaps Galore

Last year, which is only a couple of weeks actually... I bought several "natural" handmade soaps online (credit card not required). As of this typing moment :) I don't think I can give exactly where website I bought. They know if they can read this.

I bought 4 soaps which is supposedly to be baby friendly so I thought that this would smell good. But my daughter irked that it smelled like a fresh paint. And it is. I still have to try the other one which is the milk and honey smell.

I bought 6 soaps from another seller which has the vco as the base but my hubby is somewhat choking from the vco smell.

I bought 8 soaps from another and I tried the two of it but Iam not that really satisfied that would make my bath an interesting experience.

The first soap transaction I made was still the best. They smell good though the veggie soap smells like detergent. But the others were so heavenly scented for me... because my daughter hates peppermint like essence. And the shampoo.... ohhhhh the shampoo... it tickles and tingles, and cures. hehe I tried making another online order but somewhat they seemed busy or offline or what because they are not yet confirming the availability of my orders. Their place is quite far so I still have to wait for my hubby for the free sked so he can go with me there.

My fetish for soaps began when I heard on an AM radio station that they are making handmade soaps for the masses. It is quite relieving to try because they claimed that they are helping a bunch of citizens from Payatas. I tried and finished 10 bars until I tried online shopping and was quite satisfied from the results. Maybe if I cannot have the chance to get another order from my first soap online transaction I would go back to this one to fill my Suki card :)