Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Manigong Bagong Taon!!!

Happy New Year! Now's the best time to post again after a couple of months of hibernate mode blog. Been busy sa bahay at buhay, online shopping, critical waiting of packages to come, despair and disappointment on orders, trying to do all errands, christmas shopping, paying bills, never ending bank fall in lines rules and everything. After all the stress, worries and happiness they have all paid off --- still in shape to gather up the good life with my nicey husband ;) , loving daughter and my Ipod. Yes the worthless Ipod where you keep your music and having the priceless experience of listening to every song you want to keep in your ears. It's my third gadget (aside from the numerous generics, hehe the first one Creative MuVo then Canon digital camera) and a Christmas gift from the hard earned money my hubby got. Another best gift that I got from him I like being a compartmentalist? (I hope I got the word right) And now, again, busy na organizing my music files, and dealing with life and more Neil Gaiman readings. Yeah I am a mom with ADHD together with my daughter and hubby --- trying to do everything that catches our interest, a riot when we are loaded with sugar and mingling with everything that goes on our way. hehe. But apart from this I think we are dealing with it and not need a shrink. :) at least I guess. yukyuk.

For 2008, certain things are in line to deal with this year and keep on track.
My daughter wants to go to Australia and always scheduled for next week.:) I want to cut my dues on online shopping or else everything will be bankrupt. At least shed off some pounds by cutting my frequent eating habits and do more sweat producing activities and frequent walks. For my hubby to quit the bad habits and take more vitamins. Longer hair for me, more organic shampoo for headache cures, go organic again for less chemically ingested foods, read more labels where's it made, when it's made and what's made of from foods to clothes.

And now, naririto na naman tayo, another year and another question, Ano ang ibig sabihin ng Manigong? Etymology please. hehe