Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life's Sneak Peek

Since it's January, I have some thoughts...

What are my plans for this year?
Any resolutions?

Never ending list of my plans includes daydream thoughts. hehe. Wishing everything I had in mind would somewhat be granted but I don't feel bad if not. I plan to go back to school again and finish every school related issues. I plan to start another world domination plot (oooppss...) what I mean is go back to start of what I have done in my thesis...I think I've just started 1/8...hihihi

ohh... Now I've realized... I miss school. :)

My not so many numbered resolution only ends up in one thing... "deep concentration"


like Hiro. Because I always end up occupied with those pesky things that easily gets my attention, like super cool gadgets, a very BIG SALE, online shop without the need of credit cards, can't resist concerts (heard that my long fave band would reunite for one night so I guess that would end me up poorer of thousand of pesos and much much poorer if my fave foreign band lands into our own Philippines).

I'm a not so much fan of American Idol but if I scan the channels I would just stop there because I enjoy watching their audition with those nervousness or too much confidence, or an out this world performance or funny or serious happenings inside the room in front of 3 intimidating people, Simon as the most. I read on Philippine Daily Inquirer that Reynaldo Lapuz - a former tricycle driver stuns American Idol made me search the Google and ending up watching him in Youtube. He's cool... They are feeling that it he is the other William Hung. hehe Sikat ang Pinoy! :D

My daughter always feels in awe when I can predict what will happen next in the result of her mischievousness or sometimes her hidden "oh, no Inay will get mad" that I would eventually see.

The TU24 somewhat bothers my frightened side. I also learned the Tunguska Event. Another proof that I should read more because it's just my first time to read about the Tunguska event that happened in 1908. Prayers are my fighting shield against these frightening events. And will continually pray and hope that the worst would not happen to Mother Earth.