Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ipod and Earphone and other gadget Review

For a couple of weeks now, I'm busy ripping, organizing, labeling and transferring every music file I got to feed my hungry Ipod. Also in thinking of what I would name it like our laptop Biyabit :) 10G for music files as of now and 60+G more to feed... I also put some video so that I would not have boring bus travel anymore with horror movies that they insist the passengers to watch with those bloody slimy yucky eeewwyy icckkyy graphic sceneries. My ipod seems great since I meticulously opened it not to have even a single hairline or scratches because that's what it's prone for. The sound quality is just as good as my ever trusted MuVo which my hubby's first gadget gift to me. I partnered it with a Sennheiser CX300 which I bought online and also gave a pair to my lovey to enjoy the music's crispness. It's been a year since we also use it as we go to sleep and end up coiled in our bellies when we wake up and still in it's good as new working condition until now. I am still eyeing for other earphones/headphones with a wireless system which is still a bit pricey... We saw a wireless headphone in a cheap gadget boutique but with it's lame quality because it's cheap? and it's the only stock they got. I also read from a forum a universal power adapter which can charge all your gadgets in this one amazing charger. Sounds promising and I hope they would sell it for a lower price. Being a gadget freak I think this would be perfect.