Thursday, January 31, 2008

In distress

I've been getting a lot of sleep more than I used to these past few days which made me feel so restless. It's quite different at this moment because I didn't made a quick nap and felt that the sandman didn't came by to sparkle some into my eyes. And even though I took a bath I still stink which made me easily get irritated. It's bothersome and distressing. hayyyyy

So, I turned on the tv and as I scan the channels it made chose what to watch between Late Night Show with Conan O' Brien or Godzilla on HBO. I chose the latter. :) I want to watch again Barney on its humongous state, though Barney is really a dinosaur. And Barney made a quick 5 second appearance while Godzilla passed by a building. My daughter insists that Barney isn't a dinosaur but an enlarged bacteria. hehehe and it's because her father told her so. And it was like kinda made me realize that a while ago she fell asleep watching Finding Nemo for the nth time and I chose to watch Godzilla also for the 3rd time :) I forgot most of the scenes that's why I enjoyed watching it again. And find my Godzilla soundtrack tomorrow on cassette tape.

I took time to ponder on my 4th planner for this year 2008 and again made me realize again it's cool that I purchased this one. Oh yeah I spent hundreds of pesos for curiosity's sake of this girly pearly planner I think I'll stick on this one than the Starbucks planner that I've been using for 3 years which made me and my hubby hyper drinking bottomless coffee and sometimes even giving a treat for some friends just to get those precious stickers in exchange for a notebook with a calendar. My other two planners is a Jollibee planner and a Goldilocks planner. (oh!!! most of them are food related somehow!)

I was inside a bank to pay for my hubby's credit card ( good thing I don't own one or else I would be blogging inside the correctional for unpaid debts, hehehe) so here's the story, I took out my Ipod because I have to wait until my hubby's name was called, Manong Guard approached me and demanded,
"Ma'am!!! Bawal po ang celfon dito lalabas po kayo or patayin ninyo yan!"
I told him patiently,
"Hindi po a're celpon kuya, dapat PSP ang ipagbawal nyo"
which left him cluelessly staring at my Ipod making it sure it wasn't a celfon and being pasaway I continued using it. hehehe until it was my turn on the line. Am I that bad??? awwwwwwww....