Thursday, January 31, 2008

In distress

I've been getting a lot of sleep more than I used to these past few days which made me feel so restless. It's quite different at this moment because I didn't made a quick nap and felt that the sandman didn't came by to sparkle some into my eyes. And even though I took a bath I still stink which made me easily get irritated. It's bothersome and distressing. hayyyyy

So, I turned on the tv and as I scan the channels it made chose what to watch between Late Night Show with Conan O' Brien or Godzilla on HBO. I chose the latter. :) I want to watch again Barney on its humongous state, though Barney is really a dinosaur. And Barney made a quick 5 second appearance while Godzilla passed by a building. My daughter insists that Barney isn't a dinosaur but an enlarged bacteria. hehehe and it's because her father told her so. And it was like kinda made me realize that a while ago she fell asleep watching Finding Nemo for the nth time and I chose to watch Godzilla also for the 3rd time :) I forgot most of the scenes that's why I enjoyed watching it again. And find my Godzilla soundtrack tomorrow on cassette tape.

I took time to ponder on my 4th planner for this year 2008 and again made me realize again it's cool that I purchased this one. Oh yeah I spent hundreds of pesos for curiosity's sake of this girly pearly planner I think I'll stick on this one than the Starbucks planner that I've been using for 3 years which made me and my hubby hyper drinking bottomless coffee and sometimes even giving a treat for some friends just to get those precious stickers in exchange for a notebook with a calendar. My other two planners is a Jollibee planner and a Goldilocks planner. (oh!!! most of them are food related somehow!)

I was inside a bank to pay for my hubby's credit card ( good thing I don't own one or else I would be blogging inside the correctional for unpaid debts, hehehe) so here's the story, I took out my Ipod because I have to wait until my hubby's name was called, Manong Guard approached me and demanded,
"Ma'am!!! Bawal po ang celfon dito lalabas po kayo or patayin ninyo yan!"
I told him patiently,
"Hindi po a're celpon kuya, dapat PSP ang ipagbawal nyo"
which left him cluelessly staring at my Ipod making it sure it wasn't a celfon and being pasaway I continued using it. hehehe until it was my turn on the line. Am I that bad??? awwwwwwww....

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Life's Sneak Peek

Since it's January, I have some thoughts...

What are my plans for this year?
Any resolutions?

Never ending list of my plans includes daydream thoughts. hehe. Wishing everything I had in mind would somewhat be granted but I don't feel bad if not. I plan to go back to school again and finish every school related issues. I plan to start another world domination plot (oooppss...) what I mean is go back to start of what I have done in my thesis...I think I've just started 1/8...hihihi

ohh... Now I've realized... I miss school. :)

My not so many numbered resolution only ends up in one thing... "deep concentration"


like Hiro. Because I always end up occupied with those pesky things that easily gets my attention, like super cool gadgets, a very BIG SALE, online shop without the need of credit cards, can't resist concerts (heard that my long fave band would reunite for one night so I guess that would end me up poorer of thousand of pesos and much much poorer if my fave foreign band lands into our own Philippines).

I'm a not so much fan of American Idol but if I scan the channels I would just stop there because I enjoy watching their audition with those nervousness or too much confidence, or an out this world performance or funny or serious happenings inside the room in front of 3 intimidating people, Simon as the most. I read on Philippine Daily Inquirer that Reynaldo Lapuz - a former tricycle driver stuns American Idol made me search the Google and ending up watching him in Youtube. He's cool... They are feeling that it he is the other William Hung. hehe Sikat ang Pinoy! :D

My daughter always feels in awe when I can predict what will happen next in the result of her mischievousness or sometimes her hidden "oh, no Inay will get mad" that I would eventually see.

The TU24 somewhat bothers my frightened side. I also learned the Tunguska Event. Another proof that I should read more because it's just my first time to read about the Tunguska event that happened in 1908. Prayers are my fighting shield against these frightening events. And will continually pray and hope that the worst would not happen to Mother Earth.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Coin

Fifty centavos, salapi, singkwenta sentimos... Really brings back childhood memories... yung kupit :D

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mga Larawan ng Kapistahan

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday's fiesta. I suffered from fiesta hang over this whole day so I slept for a couple of hours for a good beauty rest but the couple of hours became four hours 3 hours straight! I woke up groggy and restless. :D

in the middle of the parade I spotted this boy who seems to be bored...
Why do they change Mcdo's image?
BSU's float won't fit they turned back...

Binibini ng Lungsod ng Batangas *so pretty*

The Updates

I was very tired yesterday... At sa kapitbahay na rin kami naghapunan kahit almost 8pm na :) Diet?!?! I can start tomorrow. hehehe

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Viva Sto. Niño! Happy Fiesta!!!

Yeyyyyyyy!!!! I was super forced to figure out how to type ñ in my iBook... hehehe call it stupid but it's much as true. so true... funny how it seems... hehehe

We were able to watch the long parade but it wasn't long as they did last year. Not much mascots which most of the people enjoyed watching like Jollibee with the loudest applause from all ages. And two fraternities were present as I have seen (apology if there were three or more) Batangas Varsitarian and Tau Gamma Phi. First Gas have their Ati-Atihan. More brochures and flyers than before were candies, towels, calendars, and shirts and if you're lucky enough a beach towel! Less candies, no towels or calendars, more McMoney from Mcdo which others throw it back (it's 75 pesos discount all in all) Binibining Lungsod ng Batangas is a pretty morena lass from the Esmade clan. My ever beloved BANAHIS was there with a pretty swell swarm of students. :) And also Lyceum of Batangas and Batangas State University. And more of them later I will surely update this.

I'll post pictures later for the updates for we are preparing to go out again and watch the Fantastic Fireworks Display. :) We love those tinkering flowery like bursts in the sky. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Supposedly should be...

This post was supposedly should be for my friend's wedding and my supposedly wedding gift for them which I had in mind which I should be giving them. I am in my utmost apologetic mode until now for I was not able to come and witness the much awaited wedding which took a couple of years to make it happen. I know M (really, that's her name! or to make it long "Em" hehe) mine would be a lame reason and for J too. I know that I'm very much expected there (ha! as if... hehe) for I am your mamasan what I mean is your prolific matchmaker (naks)... My hubby even suggested to make a wedding invitation website but due to my frail royalty like hands which is too busy very busy super busy it ends in here. So for you J and M, in behalf of my family wishing you all the best...many kids, many money and many love :) mwah!!!!

A friend read my updated blog and she goes like... " What the?!?! MamaJoy (eversince college I am a MamaJoy always mistaken as Mamasan.. hehehe) you're making my nose bleed!?!? Is Inday you're idol na?!? Supposedly not ha! But I proudly replied " Yes!!! Iam living the dream! Inday is my Idol!!! "

Another should be cherished posting moment...Why?! Because of his OPINION
it dragged attention and too much reactions. Talk about cyber bullying, finesse, good breeding, trolls and lurkers.. hehe you can tell by their reactions which is which and I enjoyed reading it next to :D All they have to do is wake up and realize that it's just a damn opinion from his nutty mind who doesn't want reading manuals and they are just wasting their precious supposedly productive time.

I got a nice tip from Nick Tv how to be a gross villain... You gotta have a POSH ENGLISH ACCENT. Just like what Datu's Tribe said... "American Accent Training lang yan my friend" They got the same tip which I should take seriously since they're two against me :D and the song "Lakambini Bottom".... I think it's made for me hehehe (dream on!) Barnacles! hihihi

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ipod and Earphone and other gadget Review

For a couple of weeks now, I'm busy ripping, organizing, labeling and transferring every music file I got to feed my hungry Ipod. Also in thinking of what I would name it like our laptop Biyabit :) 10G for music files as of now and 60+G more to feed... I also put some video so that I would not have boring bus travel anymore with horror movies that they insist the passengers to watch with those bloody slimy yucky eeewwyy icckkyy graphic sceneries. My ipod seems great since I meticulously opened it not to have even a single hairline or scratches because that's what it's prone for. The sound quality is just as good as my ever trusted MuVo which my hubby's first gadget gift to me. I partnered it with a Sennheiser CX300 which I bought online and also gave a pair to my lovey to enjoy the music's crispness. It's been a year since we also use it as we go to sleep and end up coiled in our bellies when we wake up and still in it's good as new working condition until now. I am still eyeing for other earphones/headphones with a wireless system which is still a bit pricey... We saw a wireless headphone in a cheap gadget boutique but with it's lame quality because it's cheap? and it's the only stock they got. I also read from a forum a universal power adapter which can charge all your gadgets in this one amazing charger. Sounds promising and I hope they would sell it for a lower price. Being a gadget freak I think this would be perfect.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mountain Madness

Sir Edmund Percival Hillary (1919-2008) died today and what makes him so important? He's the first man to step on the Mt. Everest on May 29, 1953 together with Tenzing Norgay. Flashbacks quickly streaks my mind when I was very fond of a "nature" thrilled sorrounding starting with my granny's farm witnessing every natural disturbances, natural cycle of the ecosystem... and trying to climb every hill starting from anthill the journey went on....until I reached highschool and try to trek the Mt. Banoi with my friends and trek another with my co-officers and college came we hiked Mt. Maculot and since it was the nearest for us we became a regular visitor whenever time permits. Even when I got married, my hubby's also fond of dealing with Mother Nature so we went there before I infanticipate. We miss those days but with our bulges, we won't take the risk. We're trying so hard until now to at least lost a few pounds one step at a time so when Lorelia reaches the right age we can take her there :)

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Viva Nazareno!

Today marks the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo. I saw swarm of devotees on tv who would grab the chance to hold for the rope or throw a towel to rub on the Black Nazarene or the extreme - kiss the Nazarene. I'm never a devotee but I am a believer. The last time I touched the Nazarene was September of last year with my mother-in-law's youngest sister. I prayed for good health and long life for the rest of the family and like every beauty queen would wish for.... world peace :)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Soaps Galore

Last year, which is only a couple of weeks actually... I bought several "natural" handmade soaps online (credit card not required). As of this typing moment :) I don't think I can give exactly where website I bought. They know if they can read this.

I bought 4 soaps which is supposedly to be baby friendly so I thought that this would smell good. But my daughter irked that it smelled like a fresh paint. And it is. I still have to try the other one which is the milk and honey smell.

I bought 6 soaps from another seller which has the vco as the base but my hubby is somewhat choking from the vco smell.

I bought 8 soaps from another and I tried the two of it but Iam not that really satisfied that would make my bath an interesting experience.

The first soap transaction I made was still the best. They smell good though the veggie soap smells like detergent. But the others were so heavenly scented for me... because my daughter hates peppermint like essence. And the shampoo.... ohhhhh the shampoo... it tickles and tingles, and cures. hehe I tried making another online order but somewhat they seemed busy or offline or what because they are not yet confirming the availability of my orders. Their place is quite far so I still have to wait for my hubby for the free sked so he can go with me there.

My fetish for soaps began when I heard on an AM radio station that they are making handmade soaps for the masses. It is quite relieving to try because they claimed that they are helping a bunch of citizens from Payatas. I tried and finished 10 bars until I tried online shopping and was quite satisfied from the results. Maybe if I cannot have the chance to get another order from my first soap online transaction I would go back to this one to fill my Suki card :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

What the!

My daughter is trying to figure out the Rubik's cube pero as usual, a short tempered girl bawling out that the stickers should be removable/replaceable because only two square of whites are left out to complete the other side. hehe


As I was sorting out my bills/old receipts/sales invoices, a phone call blew my carefully piled of water bill to answer it quickly hoping that the caller would congratulate me that I won a raffle blah blah from the cinema promotions which I got into. But to my dismay, a certain Jenny from PLDT told me that I haven't paid my dues last Dec. 5, 2007. I shouted at her telling "Aba!!! Bayad na ako!" I wanted to curse her but I've kept my composure since that was my first phone call for 2008. #@#$%%^!!!!@!***!@#!!!!!!!!! The fact that PLDT are claiming that they have the best technology, superlative machines... is they got a dumbass Jennys and many more Jenny, not checking first the database or at least update before bugging their clients. Sabi nga ni Itay... Asa!!!

tsk tsk. Too bad, you're named Jenny. Sorry.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Manigong Bagong Taon!!!

Happy New Year! Now's the best time to post again after a couple of months of hibernate mode blog. Been busy sa bahay at buhay, online shopping, critical waiting of packages to come, despair and disappointment on orders, trying to do all errands, christmas shopping, paying bills, never ending bank fall in lines rules and everything. After all the stress, worries and happiness they have all paid off --- still in shape to gather up the good life with my nicey husband ;) , loving daughter and my Ipod. Yes the worthless Ipod where you keep your music and having the priceless experience of listening to every song you want to keep in your ears. It's my third gadget (aside from the numerous generics, hehe the first one Creative MuVo then Canon digital camera) and a Christmas gift from the hard earned money my hubby got. Another best gift that I got from him I like being a compartmentalist? (I hope I got the word right) And now, again, busy na organizing my music files, and dealing with life and more Neil Gaiman readings. Yeah I am a mom with ADHD together with my daughter and hubby --- trying to do everything that catches our interest, a riot when we are loaded with sugar and mingling with everything that goes on our way. hehe. But apart from this I think we are dealing with it and not need a shrink. :) at least I guess. yukyuk.

For 2008, certain things are in line to deal with this year and keep on track.
My daughter wants to go to Australia and always scheduled for next week.:) I want to cut my dues on online shopping or else everything will be bankrupt. At least shed off some pounds by cutting my frequent eating habits and do more sweat producing activities and frequent walks. For my hubby to quit the bad habits and take more vitamins. Longer hair for me, more organic shampoo for headache cures, go organic again for less chemically ingested foods, read more labels where's it made, when it's made and what's made of from foods to clothes.

And now, naririto na naman tayo, another year and another question, Ano ang ibig sabihin ng Manigong? Etymology please. hehe