Thursday, November 23, 2006

Pathetic Wives

* Please Forgive Me... The following sentences are not suitable for those who cannot relate. "okrayan" time po ito. Patawarin po ako.

I saw my former classmate. She can't believe how "big" have I grown. Well the story goes on... blah blah... what happened after graduation... yakity yak yak... Then she opened the topic --- Kids. Which on my side, she's not that humble enough to tell me that her kids RARELY eats fish and veggies and always on pork, hotdogs and chicken. And the endless yayas that came to them. And all the old school mothering stuff. What her kids are eating for their baon with specific brands and those fastfood junks. Hello?!?! Forgive me but I hate that usual blabber blabber chit chat. I'm not digging my fellow mommies in my kid's school because they are having their pisses higher than the ceiling of the school just to brag and boast and show off. Being proud that their husbands are far far away digging for gold and there they are... crappy, pathetic wives.

Ayan. hehehe... ang sama ko daw mang okray. ok na ko. nailabas ko na. thanks at may blogger. :D mwah